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The Boudhist          Page 1

Buddhist monks observe monastic rules called " Patimokkha ." They are allowed to have only eight items: three robes, a begging bowl , a razor , a needle, a belt and a water filter. They can , however, accept other objects necessities that are offered to them by their followers .

The daily routine of the monks starts at 4 in the morning when they get up and prepare for the morning service. After that, they make their rounds to receive alms offerings , mainly food. The monks can not beg or ask for something in particular.

They only accept the offerings when they are asked to do so. The invitation must be done by people who wish to gain merit by offering things that monks need in their monastic life. The tour takes about an hour alms . Then the monks returned to the monastery for breakfast at about seven in the morning . Their breakfast consists mainly of alms they received.

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