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Rama V          Page 1

Rama V, ruled Siam from 1868 to 1910 is the fifth king of the Chakri dynasty, founded in 1782. It is known as Chulalongkorn.

Eldest son of King Rama IV, born in Bangkok September 20, 1853. He brought important innovations in the country at the time, he received an education in both modern and traditional by Buddhist monks.

After a reign of 42 years, he died Oct. 23, 1910 after having 77 children 36 of his 92 women. He is the grandfather of the current king. Nom2 King 1 October 1868, he was therefore 16 years. He was a traditionalist and modern education Buddhist monks.

Continuing on the momentum created by his father, was the great modernizer of Siam. He was the first king to take trips abroad, Singapore, India and Europe, he was invited twice in France in 1897 and 1907

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