Our studios and apartments.

Our studios, twin studios and apartments are situated in the beautiful residences of View Talay, on the beach or nearby, quiet and 5 minutes from Pattaya downtown.
Whether at View Talay 1, 2, 5 or 7, you can enjoy relaxing by the large and beautiful pools.
All rentals are ideally equipped, clean and supervised 24/24h camera.
Follow the guide below and choice one of the many studios and apartments available.

VIEW TALAY 1Separate bedroomDetails
Apartment Standart64YesHERE
VIEW TALAY 2Separate bedroomDetails
Studio Deluxe41/37NO HERE
Studio Deluxe plus37NO HERE
Studio Deluxe superior 58NOHERE
Twin Studios Deluxe Plus74YesHERE
Apartment De Luxe74YesHERE
VIEX TALAY 5Separate bedroomDetails
Studio Executive 48NOHERE
Twin Studios Executive 96YesHERE
Suite Executive 96YesHERE
VIEW TALAY 7Separate bedroomDetails
Studio VIP 20th floor48NOHERE
Twin studios 20th floor96YESHERE
Suite VIP 20th floor96YesHERE
Budget studio 7th floor48NOHERE
Mini suite 7th floor48YESHERE