Our general rental terms:

After booking, you will receive a final confirmation of your rental
Print or write well the mobile number, it will be useful to contact us in english on your arrival.

The rent and the deposit will be payable on your arrival in Baht euro or dollar.
The deposit is 5000 baht for one month for Deluxe and Deluxe Plus studios and 7,000 baht fot one month for other studios and apartments. This deposit will be refunded upon your departure, net of expenses.

These expenses include electricity, charged 6 baht per kw, water at 75 baht m³ and households 370 baht a visit for the studios and 500 baht for apartments and
studios Deluxe Superior. (minimum 2 per week). The household include, also change of sheets and towels.

No extra charge for guest and contact in english will be available on site. Our taxi service is also at your disposal for transfer from the airport to Pattaya.

We remain, of course, at your disposal for supplementary information that you wish.